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What can I expect to pay for food in Australia?

As a guide, you can expect to pay between AUD$30 and AUD$45 for a main dinner course at most restaurants. However, at a high-end restaurant, you can expect to pay between AUD$60 - AUD$120 for a main dinner course. For lunch, prices range between AUD$20-AUD$35 at most cafes. Tipping is not required in Australia. Hospitality staff are paid (at the very least) a living wage and are not reliant on tips.  

Take-away/ fast food
A take-away dinner for two people costs anywhere between AUD$25-AUD$45, and a breakfast is anywhere between AUD$20- $AUD30 per person depending on the style and location.

Self catering
When travelling in Australia, the most cost-effective way to dine is to self-cater - particularly if you are staying in motel or apartment style accommodations that contain a kitchenette or kitchen so you can prepare your own meals. Most towns will have a main supermarket or a general grocery store. Australia grows much of its own produce - and local farmers markets are a great source of fresh fruit, vegetables, honey and eggs.

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