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What sort of food is available in Australia?

Australian food is internationally renowned. From farm-to-plate restaurants to some of the world's most modern fine dining, there are some fantastic foods on offer and flavours to experience. A wide range of cuisine and styles are available to suit every budget. Dining out in the larger cities you will have a plethora of options while in the smaller towns you may only have one or two choices.

Major cities and centres are dynamic hubs with a number of different cuisines and dining options. You can find everything from fine dining and Michelin-star restaurants to hidden alleyways of Asian and fusion cuisine at great value prices.

If you're in need of a quick fix, Australia has an abundance of fast food options. 'Take-away’ or ‘fast food’ goes beyond the general ‘burgers and fries’ - Indian, Thai, Japanese, fish and chips, pizza, and of course, meat pies are all available!

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