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What seasons does Australia have?

Given Australia’s size, it goes without saying that it has a number of different climates depending on where you are. There are 6 main climate zones in the country: Desert, Grassland, Tropical, Subtropical and Temperate.

The desert makes up the majority of the centre of the country and In the summertime, they can reach highs of over 40 degrees celsius and lows of 24 degrees, whilst in the winter temperatures generally range from 16-24 degrees celsius during the daytime and can drop down to 0 degrees celsius at night. The grassland regions surround the arid and semi-arid desert and are made up of the Red Centre (Uluru, Alice Springs), Flinders Ranges and Northwest Cape around Exmouth and Ningaloo.

Summer runs from December to March; Autumn from March to May; Winter from June to August; and Spring from September to November. 

The tropical region of the country is made up of the Top End of the Northern Territory including Kakadu and Arnhem Land and the subtropical areas are comprised of eastern and coastal Queensland. The dry season here generally lasts about 6 months, from April to October, with temperatures generally lower and clear skies. If you’re looking to visit this part of the country, this is the best time to come. The wet season generally falls between November and March and is marked by temperatures often over 30 degrees celsius with high humidity, and quite a bit of rainfall. 

Lastly, the coastal regions of New South Wales and Victoria, as well as all of Tasmania and most of Southern Australia feature a temperate climate that experiences 4 seasons. 

Summer: December to February (Average Temperature: Minimum 16°C and Maximum 26°C)

Autumn: March to May (Average Temperature: Minimum 11°C and Maximum 20°C)

Winter: June to August (Average Temperature: Minimum 6°C and Maximum 14°C)

Spring: September to November (Average Temperature: Minimum 10°C and Maximum 20°C)

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