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Hyden, WA

Hyden is an inland town of Western Australia famous for its recognisable Wave Rock formation and other natural landscapes which you can easily spend a day exploring. Rising an astonishing 15 metres from the ground and more than 100 metres in length, the multicoloured granite formation looks like a giant surf wave, juxtaposed against the red sand desert and bushland it rises from. Nearby you will also find Hippos Yawn, a 12-metre rock named for its resemblance to the animal.
A 10-minute drive north of Wave Rock you will find the Humps and Mulka's Cave, named for an Aboriginal legend associated with the cave. Inside, you can see hand stencils and line paintings on the walls that are thought to date back around 400 years.
Alongside its rich cultural experiences, Hyden also offers contemporary experiences such as the Salt Pool. End your day of exploration soaking in this 20 metre round and 6 metre deep manmade gypsum pond. It has buoyancy and therapeutic properties greater than those of the Dead Sea - right in the middle of the Australian Desert!
Lake Magic at sunrise or sunset provides amazing photo opportunities, and is the naturally occurring alternative to the Salt Pool with its gypsum base, salt water and sandy beach edges. Whether exploring the outdoors or relaxation is your main goal, your stay in Hyden will provide.

Wave Rock, York & Aboriginal Culture with Australian Pinnacle Tours  - lunch included

Wave Rock, York & Aboriginal Culture with Australian Pinnacle Tours - lunch included

This tour takes you on a journey through the Western Australian Wheatbelt to Wave Rock, one of Australia’s incredible natural monuments. Visit the historic township of York and view other significant geological formations of the area.
Leaving Perth you head through the Perth Hills and escarpment to enter farming country. Heading east, you enjoy morning tea (at your own expense) at historic York, the first township founded in the Avon Valley.
From there you travel through the rolling farmlands passing the infamous Dog Cemetery, a shrine to man’s best friend and an integral part of farming life. Travelling on to the Wildflower Shop in Hyden, you break for an Aussie country-style lunch. Whilst here, visit either the Wildlife Park, view a unique Antique Lace Collection, or visit the amazing Toy Soldier Museum. Then you move on to see the spectacular prehistoric rock formation of Wave Rock. A giant surf-like landmark of multi-colored granite that is over 2700 million years old.  Leaving Wave Rock, you visit Hippo’s Yawn another outcrop in the area, named because of its resemblance to a hippopotamus yawning. You move on to visit Mulka’s Cave. Hear the Aboriginal legend of Mulka and view the imprints of his hands which can still be seen in the cave today.

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